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  • 2013 Witch’s Titmouse Ice Wine


    SWEET- Dessert wine. Made with Steuben grapes that were picked frozen. Alcohol 11.50%

  • 2016 Late Harvest


    SWEET-After dinner drink. Similar to Ice wine, only difference is Ice wines are made with frozen grapes from the first frost, and ours are just not frozen. Alcohol 11.50%

  • 2018 Six Dwarf’s Mint Wine


    SWEET- White wine with spearmint flavoring. Alcohol 11.00%

  • 2018 Granny Z’s Hard Tea


    Made using the Mint wine and mixed w/ Iced Tea; perfect summertime wine…..just throw it on ice! Alcohol 8.00%

  • 2017 Bad Moose Mead


    SWEET- Made from honey (no grapes!!) and sweetened with honey. Alcohol 11.50%

  • 2017 William’s Port


    SWEET- Smooth port; made from Chambourcin grape using a super-yeast in the fermentation process to boost the alcohol content (not fortified w brandy). Great after dinner drink or nightcap. Alcohol…

  • 2018 Mojito


    Made with mint and limeaid! Perfect over ice. Alcohol 12.00%

  • Sampler Pack


    Sampler pack of Shade Mountain wines! 375ml bottles. Shade Mountain Red, Shade Mountain White, Shade Mountain Blush and Cranberry. Add to your winery pick up order!  THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE…

  • 2019 Hard Lime Seltzer


    Light and refreshing seltzer with lime flavoring. Alcohol 7.00%

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