In 1989, Karl and Carolyn Zimmerman converted their Snyder County corn and soybean farm into a vineyard. Since then, their four adult children have returned home to join the family winegrowing business in Middleburg, PA. Karl and sons, Bill and Ben, spend their days in the vines and vats while Carolyn and daughters, Amy and Jenny, staff the tasting rooms. As one can already surmise, “family” is a huge part of what makes Shade Mountain Winery work.

The Zimmerman Family has added on to their brood over the years and has been blessed with an amazing grouping of in-laws and friends that will drop anything to help the wine vineyard “soldier on” during festival and holiday seasons. The spouses of all the children had no idea what they married into! Brian, Kara, Wendy and Tommy are always happy to help in affairs related to the business and find themselves often times manning booths at off-site festivals during the summer months. They are all blessings and the support they offer is rivaled by none.

Daughter, Amy (and her husband, Brian), son, Bill (and his wife Kara) and son, Ben (and his wife Wendy) have all produced members of the third generation. All the grandchildren (Carly, Peter, and Michael Scorsone; Edie and Sam Zimmerman and Austin Zimmerman) have been thrown into the mix and have spent time at the winery picking grapes during harvest and moving empty boxes during the bottling process! They are ALL the apples (or grapes would be more fitting!) of their Pappy and Gammy’s eyes and bring much happiness even during the most tiring and stressful times!

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