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  • 2021 Nouveau


    SEMI-DRY Made with grapes from the 2021 harvest. This semi-dry red is made from the Syrah grapes. Lighter bodied with hints of pepper. LIMITED BOTTLING  

  • 2019 005


    DRY-Medium-bodied premiere red; blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Merlot & Petite Verdot; Lightly Oaked. Very smooth. Alcohol 13.00%

  • 2019 Merlot


    DRY~ medium bodied, oaky red with hints of juicy, dark fruit; award winning red wine Alcohol 13.00%

  • 2019 Pinot Noir


    DRY-Light, lively red with cherry elements. Oak barrel aged. Complements grilled salmon nicely Alcohol 13.00%

  • 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon


    Full bodied with mineral/earthy tones; very tannic. Ooak barrel aged Alcohol 13.00%

  • 2019 Cabernet Franc


    DRY- smooth, medium-bodied red; well balanced. Oak barrel aged Alcohol 11.00%

  • 2019 Chambourcin


    DRY- Rich, garnet color, with fruity overtones of black raspberry and cherry. Full body with soft oak. Alcohol 12.00%

  • 2019 Syrah


    DRY – Light red wine with earthy undertones and a peppery finish. Oak aged Alcohol 13.00%

  • 2019 Lemberger


    German grape with spicy/peppery finish Alcohol 12.00%

  • 2019 Proprietor’s Red


    semi-dry red wine made with Chambourcin grapes. Perfect middle of the road red wine. Alcohol 11.00%

  • 2019 Shade Mountain Red


    semi-sweet red wine made from Steuben and Chambourcin grapes. Perfect pair to pizza and pasta Alcohol 11.00%

  • 2019 Keelboat Red


    SEMI-SWEET-blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Concord and Raspberry; Starts out dry and finishes with concord and raspberry (very fruity finish) Alcohol 11.00%

  • 2019 Jack’s Mountain Red


    sweet wine made with the concord grape Alcohol 11.00%

  • 2019 Rascal Red


    sweet fruity red wine that tastes like sangria Alcohol 11.00%

  • 2018 Grinch Grog


    SWEET- Spiced Red made with Cabernet Franc grapes. Can be served warm (crock pot or microwave) or chilled. No need to add anything if you warm. Alcohol 11.00%

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